What’s Your Story?

Do you own multiple properties and looking for a partner to help you refinance? Need help
strategizing the best ways to optimize your portfolio? Maybe you are working on your first deal
and something has inspired you, like the fact that over the last two centuries, nearly 90
percent of the world’s millionaires have been created by investing in real estate.

Whatever your story is, we want to help you build the next chapter through real estate

If you need hard money for your next commercial property acquisition, construction
project, fix and flip, refinance or buy and hold property let us work with you!

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It’s always a wise move to invest in real estate. In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, shelter isalways number one. People will always be in the mindset to secure housing and if you are choosing to be the owner of those properties, then your first step is determining how you will finance your project.
Our team is resourceful, responsive, experienced and transparent for all of your options, terms and fees with competitive options that respond to any real estate investment situation. If you are new to this and think that private money lending is the same as getting a home loan for your personal property, stop right there. Private money is very different than purchasing a primary home and you cannot try to compare the rates of a private money lender to what a large bank offers. They are complete opposites. We rely on the asset and that is why so many investors use private money lenders. This allows investors more flexibility and the opportunity to build a business relationship that grows with future deals always having a home. You can stop your hunt for the right lender. Our deals move quickly and easily and we are 100% transparent every step of the way.

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Lending Process

Day 1:

Submit application online or call Hebron Capital Fund (HCF)

Day 2:

HCF evaluates the project

Day 3:

Receive an actionable decision

Days 7-14:

Get fundation

Months 4-12:

Pay off loan upon sale of property

House Flippers

Whether this is your first flip or number 100, we have loan products to:
– Help investors fix and flip properties quickly.
– Help you purchase multi family assets
– Longer term loans that provide the flexibility to fix and flip, buy and hold, or take on an
extended rehab time

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We know firsthand how it is to acquire single family rentals, complete flips, purchase and stabilize
multifamily and a host of other situations. Let’s build a relationship and build your cash flow.
Have a deal in mind? Complete our application and let’s get started.

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Realtors and Real Estate Agents, you go the extra mile to help your clients reach their investment
goals, trust us to do the same. Know that we can help your clients will all types of real estate
including single family homes, condominiums, multifamily, apartment buildings and commercial

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Possibilities, not just properties.

Your Financing Partner Promising…

An Exceptional Client Experience
Our transparent and timely communication ensures you never have to guess where you
are in the process.

Competitive Pricing
We don’t do hidden costs. What you see is what you get with straightforward terms,
rates and fees.

Getting you Funding
No matter the investment, we can help you with financing


Let HCF answer your hard money questions

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